World Class Locations and Projects

Our past work has involved direct management and development of wild and working lands. 

Some quick highlights and insights from past projects. Let's talk and we'll tell you more.

Portland Botanical Garden


Where to locate a world class botanical garden in the fiercely charismatic Portland, Oregon?

Joined the formative team that is currently searching, planning, and fundraising around multiple possible sites for Portland Botanical Gardens to operate both a large conventional garden site and other satellite and demonstration sites. Create a world-class base and also bring the gardens to the people. 

Photo: Concept sketch in initial proposal to PBG team

Clackamas Water Trail Map Sign


Developed large scale map sign and built prototype with We Love Clean Rivers and Clackamas River Water Providers.

Photo: Physical map sign at Riverside Park on the Clackamas River.

Clackamas Water Trail Website


Led the design and development of a website - www.clackamaswatertrail.org - with We Love Clean Rivers and Clackamas River Water Providers.

Photo: Final Map design for physical sign maps installed at access points along the water trail.



Led Westwind into a thriving business model.

Tripled revenues, raised $2 million in grants and donations, and developed significant new programming to support long-term business success while maintaining deep stewardship values. One of the most vibrant and economically successful enterprises located in a Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve.

Photo: From inside a sea cave at Westwind, looking out at the grassy meadows of Cascade Head.

Mt Hood Farm


How to find a diamond in the rough?

Used a lean and proprietary strategic process to acquire the incredible 1462 acre property near Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Business tests already implemented in first year of acquisition.

Photo: Golden hour at 1462 acre Carbon Farm Mt. Hood, home to over 700 acres of native Oregon Oak forest (fall foliage seen here amidst fields of volunteer wheat). 

Fork Run Recreation Area


Balance Rock and American Chestnut Trail

Developed a trail system in newly protected 550 acre preserve (headwaters of Fork Run, one of the last all-native trout streams in Maryland) that wound through ancient wind and water sculpted sandstone cliffs and boulders. We developed climbs, mountain bike trails, and a signature American Chestnut walk that showcased a rare multi-acre grove of native chestnuts, revealing both the hopeful fruiting bodies and the deadly blight that eventually kills all maturing trees. Adopted by local schools as an annual location for fields study and environmental education.

Photo: Rock Climbing legend, Lynn Hill, red-lining the 'Overhang' boulder problem at the recently developed Fork Run Recreation Area in Maryland.

Round Right Farm


Happy CSA

Developed now industry standard  online 'self-select basket' option and other customizations, and grew online sales to equal market sales for this 40 acre farm outside Morgontown, WV. Software developed just for Round Right Farm evolved into seperate business, Happy CSA, serving dozens of other farms in the U.S.A.

Photo: Blasted tree trunk and emerging trees adjacent to Packshed at Round Right Farm, taken during a CSA pick-up and brunch.

Adventure Sports Center


Deep Creek 2014

Led successful bid to host 2014 Canoe and Kayak World Championships, attracting another $2 million in capital investment and securing the long-term public support for the facility.

Photo: Team USA training at the Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) before the National Championships.

Willamette Falls Portage Trail


Sub Contracting Mapping & Plan Writing to Recreate Consulting

While managing a conceptual design project for Clackamas County Tourism, we hired a two person firm, Recreate Consulting out of Salem, who ended up being critical advocates and developers of the project. The project remains an active component of the larger multimillion dollar redevelopment of the Willamette Falls waterfront.  

Photo: Paddlers from eNRG kayaking at the base of Willamette Falls.